Arrows Resource Center

When I was still in primary school, I used hated to go to school. It was the worst part of my life. The teachers in my primary school weren’t really friendly to the students. I thought that was a normal relationship between a teacher and a student, but all that changed when I transferred to Arrows Resource Center for my secondary level. It was the best decision in my life! I was really surprised on how the teachers were really friendly with the students. The teachers sometimes make jokes during class to lighten up the mood in class, so we don’t get bored. It always makes the class fun! Even if the jokes were lame.

The students in Arrows Resource Center are friendly too. I had friends in my old school, but I felt there were some things that were quite unsettling in my own group of friends. Over here though, I feel the happiest with my friends and I am really glad that I am able to get along very well with them.

Even though my school is much much smaller than my old school, I always enjoy to go to school everyday now. Everyone is so friendly here. Even the school principal has a good relationship with the students here ! I’m glad that I came to Arrows Resource Center which is located in Malaysia, Selangor in Ara Damansara. Thank You for reading!


One thought on “Arrows Resource Center

  1. Well thats a nice story, keep those moustaches on XD

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